The Fantastic Method
Learning a new language is not easy for anyone as we know that how a child slowly learns the language by understanding it slowly as he passes his classes. But not much time I have like a baby to learn Japanese slowly by studying it through books. So I needed a course which can teach me Japanese fluently with interesting and quick way. The method I chose was the Pimsleur method of learning a language which uses audio and visual tools so the method suited me the best I needed the same method. The method is fantastic and uses the native tutors to teach the language perfectly. The method focuses on building the core vocabulary of the learners as they repeat the words with daily life examples. The method is good with its perfect teaching aids.
Sameer khana
Santa Clarita, U.S.

The Effective Method
I have good communication skills and I wanted to work for a news channel but in my country they don't pay me what I deserve so I decided to go to Japan and work there as a reporter. For this I needed to know to speak a study Japanese fluently. To precede my career I wanted quick and easy method to learnJapanese. One of my friends suggested me the site learnjapanesetoday through which I quickly started learning Japanese. The method is interesting because it uses hearing and speaking techniques rather than reading and writing technique which is best way to learn a language. The method focuses on difficult words and repeats them whenever needed by you. The method is fantastic as it also focuses on grammar problems and teaches you correct Japanese.
Sunil Gaba
Newport News ,U.S

My Dream Method Of Learning
Recently I came to know that earlier my family lived in Japan and spoke the Japanese language but when we moved on to India we started speaking Japanese. But I had a keen interest in learning to speak Japanese. Then my sister told me about the Pimsleur method through which I started to learn Japanese and within no time I learnt fluent Japanese. The method is very interesting as it teaches the basics of Japanese language. The method teaches correct accent because its native tutors speak so well Japanese that anyone can understand it easily with correct pronunciation. The method uses audio-visual tools which makes the learning very easy and interesting. The method teaches the words correctly and makes them memorize to you.
Vimit Kapoor
Mumbai, India

To Speak Japanese Fluently
Since my college days I have been very excited to learn Japanese but I was unable to do that due to lack of knowledge about Japanese and with the thought that to learn Japanese is not an easy task as it is a tough language for anyone like me who never knew a word of it. One day when I was talking to one of my friend he told me about the Pimsleur method of learning a language very easily and very quickly. I started learning the language from Pimsleur method. Within a short period of time I find that my vocabulary is improving and I start making sentences of my own and after a few days I find that I was fluent in Japanese language. The method taught me the correct accent and daily life words with examples so that I can memorize them easily.
Smriti Chabbra
Knoxville, U.S